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16th September 2007

(no subject)

Soon now...very soon...I'm pissing my pants (well, near enough) with nerves about going to University. Warwick...it seems so very distant and unreal. I like it hear, where I know people and I know what the day is going to be like cause I'm in control of it. I feel like my life is about to slip out of my hands in a couple of weeks. I'm utterly terrified and I don't want to..lose myself? Is that it? I'm scared of losing myself? I'm scared of not being able to be myself and being away from my family and my cat.
Home is where your cat is.
I don't want to leave my Darling! I love him too much.
But I love London and my house and bedroom and most of all family and my friends as well too - friends who I can trust, who I know. I don't want to have to meet a whole bunch of new people who I have never met before and then be forced to live with them. I have NO CONTROL!

Why am I even doing this to myself?? Although there's still a part of me that feels this is right and is what I've always been supposed to do. I just wish I felt more excited about it.

10th September 2007

Randomly Random

Ahh I'm so addicted to George R. R. Martin....like, way beyond obsession, hehe. I can't get enough of Song of Ice and Fire. It is inspiring me to write fantasy so much, even more than usual. My original ideas just haven't quite formed solidly enough to begin yet and it's starting to get frustrating. In the meantime, all that keeps me motivated and keeps the creative juices flowing is fanfiction, so I intend to continue on that front.

31st July 2007

Fan fiction obsession

Okay, just for the sake of it...links to my various HP fanfic accounts...

HPFF - http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewuser.php?showuid=111590

Eros & Sappho - http://erosnsappho.sycophanthex.com/viewuser.php?uid=16720

Lumos - http://lumos.sycophanthex.com/viewuser.php?uid=15821

Fictionalley and Mugglenet ones will be active soon.

27th July 2007


Okay, so here's a short one-shot song-fic thingy about Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell (femslash)...

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And a Luna/Hermione...

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And Harry/Luna...

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All these fics were written pre-Deathly Hallows and do not contain spoilers - they could be considered AU now, I suppose.

What do the Harry Potter adults think of you?

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First entry!

Well...it's a long time since I've had an LJ. I decided to recreate an account as my old one was...well, just that, too old and this account will be a fresh start. Basically, I want to explore more thoroughly the realms of fanfiction (in particular Harry Potter) and perhaps other random writings/readings in this journal. I can't say I have a specific plan, I guess I'll just see where the road (and the internet) take me...
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